Friday, October 31, 2003

In honor of Halloween-A really really scary story.....ooooooooooo - :o

holy crap!

why is this in an austrailian newspaper? stupid question yes, i know, but seriously-this is pulitzer stuff if true (duh-if) it seems like a whistleblower story of this magnetude could make any journalist salivate.somebody, ANYBODY, jump on this one!! please!!!

The sunday shows should be interesting-rummy's making the rounds-trying to prove he still has his mojo i suppose. mostly tho it will be a showcase for the latest spin from iraq. turning from their stance that saddam is insignificant, now the ousted dictator is apparently running the resistance. smart move on the part of the white house actually-rather than let the people see random guerrilla style attacks with no end in sight, which serves to highlight the administration's lack of post war planning, lets pull the war back into focus by bringing back the evil doers we went to war with in the first place. give the war a face again. the trick will be justifying all the previous assertations that there was no way saddam could be coordinating the attacks, which has been the official line for the past six months. watch this snake it's way into the lexicon as a remedy for everything from justification of more funds, to the more immediate chipping away at the anti war stances of some democratic presidential rivals. weather the chipping will be done by the republicans or lieberman- that remains to be seen. have a scary halloween everyone...

A bit of local news gone national. Go Goretti Guerrilas!!!

You'd think by now I'd be so used to whistle-ass' ramblings that they wouldn't enrage me anymore, yet here i sit, yelling at cnn.com.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CNN) -- President Bush Thursday cited the third-quarter growth of the nation's gross domestic product to 7.2 percent as proof his economic plan is working.

"That's the fastest growth we've had in nearly 20 years," Bush said in a speech before workers at Central Aluminum Co., in Columbus. "Exports are expanding, investment is rising, housing construction is growing. The tax relief we passed is working."

YEAH-THE FREAKIN' TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH SURE ARE KICKING ASS HUH?! NEVER MIND THAT EVERY IMPARTIAL ECONOMIST I HEARD YESTERDAY SAID THE GROWTH WAS DIRECTLY LINKED TO THE MIDDLE CLASS TAX CUTS THAT THE DEMOCRATS TACKED ON BEFORE THEY WOULD PASS THE BILL.Please let the democrats stand up and take some credit for this. And please let the voters remember that the GDP can be as high as it wants but so far it hasn't changed the fact that this is shaping up to be a jobless recovery. (of course odds are good that most people won't forget that they don't have jobs when they go to the polls so I won't worry on that second please too much) If I have to hear Bush extolling the virtues of tax cuts for the rich one more time I'm going to throw up.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Do mine ears decieve me? Do I heard the approaching sound of clucking? Are all the chickens coming home to roost?

Group Says Iraq Contractors Donated Heavily to Bush's Campaign

Please let this impending storm of scandal keep gathering momentum in the news!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

An open letter to Senator John Rockefeller (W. Va)-

As an American citizen I want to thank you for doing your job for our country. As someone who feels that our reasons for rushing to war with Iraq were dubious, at best, I fully support your proposed independent inquiry into pre war intelligence , and the White House role in its handling. I believe it is the duty of the members of the legislative and judicial branches of our government to maintain the system of checks and balances set in place by our forefathers, and at this particular time in our nation's history, I feel that it is more important than ever before. The Bush administration has, in my opinion, misled the American people on many issues, using the tragedy of 9/11 to wrap itself in the flag, and shield itself from criticism and questions. They have been allowed to go mostly unquestioned by the media or anyone else by calling them unpatriotic. It is well past time that that changed, and that the administration was finally held under the spotlight of accountability. President Bill Clinton was no less than impeached for lying about a marital infidelity. George W. Bush didn't lead an intern into his office however, he led our nation into war, and I think that if it is shown that he did so, knowingly, under false or exaggerated pretenses impeachment would be getting off light. I applaud your efforts to do the important work the people of West Virgina elected you to do. You do so on behalf of all Americans, not just those in your district and I, for one, thank you. Good luck, keep up the good work, and remember-what's right is not always popular, and what's popular is not always right, but in the end, it is always what's right that matters, and it matters the most when your job is to be the voice of the people who cannot speak for themselves. We the people have been asked to sacrifice, and at the very least, we deserve to know why. Thank you again.

Molly Ivins is my hero. her new book, "bushwhacked", is the most informative picture of how our current presidents policies affect ordinary american citizens that i've ever read, and i highly recommend it to everyone, especially people who don't see why anyone would be mad at or dislike the president. that being said, i also highly reccommend her current column in the progressive. all i could think as i read it was "my point exactly!"

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

black box voting blues

more on this later-gotta go :)

I've known republicans my whole life. most of the ones i know are sane, reasonable people. i disagree with them on many policy issues etc.-that's the root of political discourse after all. but i have a serious question for any sane, feet on the ground, fiscally conservative republicans out there. i don't care to hear from loony's or dittoheads-i want to hear from reasonable GOP party faithful. Do you really support everything the republican party stands for under bush? I was reading this re-election strategy outline and it occurs to me that, while there is definately some olde thyme republican sentiment in there, alot of it sounds crazy. it sounds like the strategy of a group of people in denial. especially with lines like this...

In the draft memo obtained by The Washington Times, Mr. Gillespie urges Republican leaders to point out that the Democratic Party's share of the electorate is shrinking.
    Citing Democratic pollster Mark Penn's finding that "only 32 percent of voters now identify themselves as Democrats," the memo said, "And as the Democratic Party becomes more liberal, elitist and angry, it gets smaller."

ok,ok, but even if those numbers of self identifying dems are right, (i'll presume they are) what about the self identifying bush supporters? those are some numbers i'd like to see.
it 's not shocking that there are relatively few who will wear the party label on our side. ideologically people don't generally want to identify themselves with an established group unless they agree with at least most of what they have to say, and sometimes what the dems have too say is alot to swallow. but people will paint themselves with the brush of what they believe in. and the republicans strategy makes me wonder if they know about groups like republicans for dean ,or, republicans against bush . I remember that the one thing that struck me most as i attended my first dean meetup was the number of self identifying republicans there supporting dean. Then there's the independents , libertarians, and even a few greens. the thing the bush camp would do well to remember is that it's not the number of card carrying democrats that count-it's the countless other registered voters who mantra these days is "anyone but bush in 2004".

Monday, October 27, 2003

I'm glad to see that my home state and my birth state are both involved in this lawsuit against the EPA . I hate to look like a one trick pony but our government is so deep in the pocket of the energy industry i wouldn't be surprised if this increase in pollution was all an elaborate, mr. burns like scheme to block out the sun with smog so we'll all need to have the lights on all the time. ok, maybe that sounds a bit insane, but so does a "clear skies" initiative that relaxes emissions standards, and a "healthy forests" initiative that promotes cutting down more trees. koo-koo :P . If we go through one more election cycle without campaign finance reform that will close all these legalized bribery loopholes i'm going to start screaming and so should everyone else.

BTW- yes i f-ed up. the debate was on fox news, not CNN, and was held by the congessional black caucus, not rock the vote as i said-that's the next one. i'll make sure i have my shit together next time before i put anything in writing. Sorry.

Did anyone read donald rumsfeld's op-ed in the washington post yesterday? It's nothing very new really, the same rational for the war blah, blah, blah. The only thing that really jumped out at me was his statement that we had to take the war to the terrorists. He wrote that as though it were obviously the only solution to the problem of global terrorism. the fact that that is how he feels isn't what surprises me, not much he said really did surprise me. it did however disappoint me a bit. he frames his argument by pointing to the beruit bombings of 20 years ago, and listing the subsequent anti terror measures and counter measures taken in response to the attacks, then makes his case for war. as i said, not surprising, considering the source, but deeply disappointing. in detailing how every effort to curb terrorism will be subsequently met with a different kind of attack he frames perfectly the argument that war isn't working, but attacking the root of the problem never comes up in his arguement. yes, he closes by saying that "we must lean forward and stop [people] from becoming terrorists in the first place." but that's where he ends. it should be the beginning. the evolution of the problem, as well as how terrorism can be an equalizing factor are both broached, but the possibility of dismantling terrorist networks by attacking the roots of discord in the parts of the world where this brand of hatred grows is never discussed, only the best ways to try and beat it back down from the outside. like i said coming from rummy i'm not remotely surprised that his point of view is militaristic rather than sociological, all i'm saying is there's an argument to be made for that point of view as well, and it needs to be heard. to put it simply-if a pit bull is clamped down on your leg, what's a better way to get him to stop attacking you, hitting him with a rolled up newspaper, or throwing him a steak. i'm no foreign policy expert by a long shot, just someone who thinks that we've had years of hindsight to realize that meeting this type of violence with further violence has only served to breed more terrorism, not discourage it. and if we were truly serious about sowing stable democracy in iraq and afganistan by letting the world share the burdens as well as the rewards, and giving the iraqis a little more credit for knowing what's best for them, baisically if we stopped acting like assholes maybe we could actually get somewhere-not by, as rumsfeld says "bringing the war to the terrorists" but by bringing peace and stability to their violent tumultuous world. just a thought...

Friday, October 24, 2003

I know this link is already up here but since justice league, aka the nine democratic presidential candidates, are once again debating-this sunday at 8 on CNN-I thought i'd put it up again in case anyone has monday off or a serious drinking problem (not me-i have more of a serious drinking "hobby") anyway, again-cheers!

Slate's Democratic Debate Drinking Game

i finally got my images to work and i'd show a good ted rall, but i don't want to cheat anyone out of any money or pay any myself so here's a link to a verry funny cartoon.

Presidential Swap Comix


I saw this on Bartcop. Keep the hammer swinging Bart!!

We knew the intelligence had been "sexed up", to borrow a term i love from our british friends, so now that the senate is finally starting to rain fire and brimstone down on the reporters of said bullshit, why am i not hearing wolf blitzer, or anyone for that matter, screaming about this on cnn right now?

Inquiry Faults Intelligence on Iraq

I want this to get the full on media outrage this deserves dammit, so our democratic "leaders" won't stop hammering away at it!

Another thing kids-don't let yourself be distracted with the latest shiny toy they're throwing us to prove the government is awesome-i.e. the anti-spam act. I hate spam as much as the next person, but my hatred of spam is somehow, insanely outweighed by my longing for campaign finance reform, decently funded schools, and universal heathcare. but i'm nutty like that.

Apparently my experiment did not work-but i'll tackle that later. Meanwhile, i read yet another good point in the village voice this week.

Lieberman the Spoiler

I know he's a liberal-hell, i've been getting non-campaign email all week imploring me to call my senators and demand that they vote for the McCain-Lieberman climate stewardship act to undo global warming, so why oh why must he paint his ass red? he's not really a conservative asshole-he's more like the guy who wears a bad toupee to cover an embarrassing bald spot. what he should've done when he was picking apart dean to dig up dirt is actually looked at why he strikes such a chord with democratic voters-because he's not bush light, joe, that's why. and that's exactly what we call you behind your back. :(

Thursday, October 23, 2003

loving this new linking thang-here's a great Dean article from the village voice, which features philly for dean! i actually just got a postcard from the campaign that had a picture of the august philly rally on it and lo and behold, there was my little pin-head in the crowd. i'm famous!

The Army of Dean

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P.S.-the reason that i now have working links is because, once again, my husband is a genius. also he should consider teaching ;). love you sweetie xoxoxo

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I know you've heard this over and over, but until i get an answer i'll say it again-if clinton can be impeached for a fricking blow job why is the notion of impeaching smirk for blatently lying to us to get his war on treated as a joke?

Lie after Lie after Lie

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Saw this interesting commentary on buzzflash today:

Why Condi and Not Rummy?

by One Citizen

excerpt below

So - "Why Condy and not Rummy?"

It's because someone in the Bush Administration has noticed that Congress is beginning to wonder about what little has been accomplished thus far regarding the rebuilding effort in the two countries involved. The American public is finally wising up and beginning to push for Congress to check the "books" as to where all that "rebuilding" cash has gone.

That's why "Condi and not Rummy"... it may be attributed to the sole fact that the National Security Adviser to the President is automatically exempted from Congressional Oversight. By shifting the responsibilities to Ms. Rice's office, there'll be no chance that a tell-tale money trail will be left for anyone to follow.

Is there anyone who believes that she may have been awarded the rebuilding position in recognition for past exemplary performance as National Security Adviser? To the contrary, it's more easily argued that she's dangerously ineffective as Security Adviser. It was, after all, on her watch that the prophetic August 26, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing ("PDB") got shuffled to the bottom of Bush's "Things to Do" list. That's the historic briefing which, in press conferences and interviews after 9/11, she'd call "too vague" to foresee any imminent terrorist danger. Actually, that PDB had directly predicted the high probability that the al-Qaeda would soon highjack airliners and attack the U.S. Had she effectively accomplished the one simple task spoon-feeding Dubya that PDB's "bottom-line," she likely could have prevented over 3,000 innocent Americans from dying on 9/11/01.

I was curious as to why Condi was never hauled before the 9/11 Congressional committee to testify about why she had apparently missed shoving that report under Dubya's nose, so I did a little research and turned up the fact that as National Security Adviser, she is automatically exempt from ever having to answer to Congress.

For anything.

Unlike the Secretary of Defense's position, the high office of National Security Adviser will now have the ability to rout the lion's share of monies slated for the rebuilding of Iraqi and Afghani infrastructure to virtually anywhere it pleases without any worry of ever being grilled as to where all that cash might have vanished. She can just mark "TOP SECRET" across all of the invoices, and black out the who, what, when, where, and why, pertaining to the funds. So when someone finally checks to see where all that money ended up (and they will), it'll appear as if we've piped gold bullion directly down a black hole.


But don't expect her Iraq Stabilization Group to project an exit-strategy timeline anytime soon. That'll no doubt take much longer than originally anticipated, now that BushCo's got their defense contractors' pesky paper trail problems covered.

---One Citizen

for thee full text cut and paste the following:

Buzzflash reader commentary

i hope buzzflash doesn't mind me posting this exerpt-please check out their site for lots more valuable info, links and sources. they rock!

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I am a huge npr fan. i live 5 minutes outside of philly so we get WHYY, which is, in my opinion, the best npr station i've ever heard. it is also the home station of "fresh air with terry gross". which is a fantastic show, and the newest target of giant blustering a-hole bill o' lielly.

Hot 'Air'

npr.org should have a transcript of the interview which was hilarious. It's funny when you hear someone who's that full of shit get flustered trying to keep his B.S. straight. terry gross-if i ever see you in center city, i'm buying you a drink! ;)

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Monday, October 20, 2003

Try it once and you'll be hooked!

help Rush catch a buzz!

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disregard my plea for help. my email link now works and my husband is a genius! i'll leave the cut and paste adress up for fellow hotmail users and the like. i hope to hear some feedback and critiques soon. yay:)!

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being ridiculously inept i cannot figure out how to make a link to my email yet so i'm just going to publish my adress here


i really want to know if anyone is reading this so email me with any feedback if you want. comments are appreciated. i may post any thoughts i get so let me know if that's ok or not, and if anyone can help me figure out how to establish a permanent link please help!! thanx

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Sorry-took the weekend off to read. highly recommend "bushwhacked", by molly ivins and lou dubose. i've been reading everything lately, and this one actually told me some stuff i didn't know, or at least didn't know the full extent of. two things i'm going to harp on in the future, the undeniable need for campaign finance reform, and the "no child left behind" bill which is leaving scores of children behind as we speak. campaign finance should be obvious. our current government is being run by big buisness. i hesitate to use that term as it has a blanket "boogie man" connotation, but there's no other way to put it. you couldn't even boycott the companies that are helping screw us over right now. even the toilet paper you use to wipe your ass is somehow tied to a lumber company that's ruining the environment thanx to the "healthy forests" initiative. the only way to cut off corporate control of our government at the knees is major canpaign finance reform. the system now is tantemount to legalized bribery and needs serious scrutiny if we ever want to accomplish any other reforms. as for no child left behind, all one needs to do is listen in on some pta or school board meetings to see how miserable this policy is. remember in school you had your favorite teacher who made a difference in your life? now imagine that everything that they did to inspire critical thinking and challenge you was preempted by a rabid need to prime and pump you to take a crappy biased government mandated standardized test. school becomes a factory assembly line pumping out passing grades for funding, much like the school in pump up the volume. and why? back to the campaign finance thing. who makes the texts that teach to the test? which learning centers helps kids prime for the test? who gets the greatest benefit from this underfunded mandate? (not the kids, that's for sure) finally ,who's donated a shitload to the gop? but the main problem i have with the program is the sneaking suspicion that all of this is being done for one sinister purpose-to piss people off. if people become dissillusioned with the public school system then they send their kids to private schools paving the way for vouchers and widespread privitization of schools. again, listen to or read the transcripts from any school board meeting to see the pattern of discord emerging at a frightening pace. as for who benefits from privitization, i'll be looking into any campaign contributions certain private education firms have been making in recent years...

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Just read this on cnn...

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- War in Iraq has swollen the ranks of
al Qaeda and galvanized the Islamic militant group's will, the
International Institute for Strategic Studies says in its annual report.

The 2003-04 edition of the British-based think tank's annual bible
for defense analysts, "The Military Balance," said Washington's
assertions after the Iraq conflict that it had turned the corner in the
war on terror were "over-confident."

Great-just what we need. Anyone who has followed the timeline of world events over the last 50 years or so knew this would be the result of further tinkering in the mid-east. Way to win the war on terrer w!

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Monday, October 13, 2003

i found the article where the guardian mentions the dismantling of the iraqi food distribution program. here's an excerpt...

Next week that familiar moustachioed face will begin to disappear from the Iraqi dinar following the issue of new banknotes by the occupation authority. Last week headteachers presiding over the start of the new term were told to encourage students to rip the once-obligatory photo of Saddam from their textbooks.

A more substantial assault on Saddam's legacy is under way in the Republican Palace, where the occupation authority is making preparations to dismantle the food distribution system which gave free rations of flour, rice, cooking oil and other staples to every Iraqi.

Described by the UN as the world's most efficient food network, the system still keeps Iraqis from going hungry. But the US civilian administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer, views it as a dangerous socialist anachronism. The coalition provisional authority (CPA) is planning to abolish it in January, despite warnings from its own technical experts that this could lead to hunger and riots.

if you'd like to read the rest here's the link...

Everywhere and nowhere, Saddam retains his grip on Baghdad's imagination

Then explain to me how it makes sense to dismantle a working piece of infrastructure while failing to rebuild the rest.

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As someone who religiously watches every debate the democratic candidates have, i do catch myself rolling my eyes from time to time, (like whenever gephardt calls something bush has done a "miserable failure" after it got applause the first time-sorry dick, but get a new line.) anyhoo- i found this debate drinking game at slate. hopefully the next one will be scheduled in a better time slot, than say during thursday prime time against friends and survivor, maybe a friday, then i may just have a debate watching party to try this out. This was written before the last debate in pheonix but i guarantee it will apply to the next one. cheers!

Slate's Democratic Debate Drinking Game

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This is interesting-

Soldiers letters to local papers identical

Apparently the propaganda campaign continues. Why am i not surprised?

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

I heard a report today that the coallition provisional government in Iraq is planning to dimantle the Iraqi food distribution program set up by the U.N. after the first gulf war. Apparently it was reported in the guardian, but I can't find the article right now. That system has been called the most efficient food distribution system in the world. The repeal is being called a huge mistake by experts who predict that the result would be widespread hunger and rioting by January 2004. Apparently J. Paul Bremer is saying the reason for getting rid of the program is that it is socialist. I'll try to find the article and put it up as soon as i get a chance.

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Friday, October 10, 2003

am i the only one who finds it intrusive to have someone else's religion crammed down my throat?
why is it that some christians can't be happy with confining their religious beliefs to their churches, homes, cars, television, "inspirational" coffee mugs, t-shirts, the pledge of allegiance and money?
Apparently, after a fine group of people in alabama set the pace it's become all the rage to get the ten commandments hung in our nation's courthouses.

Ten Commandments rally in Clarkesville

I guess I don't understand what's so hard to grasp about the separation of church and state. I mean, if your faith is that much of a security blanket for you that you can't even enter a public building unless the lord is represented then wear a ten commandments t-shirt. That way you can insure that his word will also be prominent in fast food resturaunts, liquor stores, walmart, or anywhere else you find yourself wondering why there's only one set of footprints. Just stop trying to force me to respect your rights in ways that trample all over mine.

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hello. i'm new to this whole web log thing so this is going to suck for a bit. if someone could let the blogging community know i'm here i'll tell them where to send my "welcome" basket of cheeses etc. anyhoo, i'm just a pissed off liberal democrat. there's a ton of us out there. a majority, actually, if you look at the results of our last presidential election. i'm somewhat of a political junkie and will be posting things of the political nature more often then not. it'll probably be alot of opinion, and i welcome feedback. if i post anything i hear on the news or see on the web i'll try to keep everything factual and if i post something i can't prove i'll let you know. it's a friday so i'll try to get this thing a little more together over the weekend. until then, if anyone stumbles accross this site, i hope you'll bare with me and come back to see if it gets any better. i hope it will, and if not, screw it, there's millions of these things. - hepkitty

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