Wednesday, October 29, 2003

An open letter to Senator John Rockefeller (W. Va)-

As an American citizen I want to thank you for doing your job for our country. As someone who feels that our reasons for rushing to war with Iraq were dubious, at best, I fully support your proposed independent inquiry into pre war intelligence , and the White House role in its handling. I believe it is the duty of the members of the legislative and judicial branches of our government to maintain the system of checks and balances set in place by our forefathers, and at this particular time in our nation's history, I feel that it is more important than ever before. The Bush administration has, in my opinion, misled the American people on many issues, using the tragedy of 9/11 to wrap itself in the flag, and shield itself from criticism and questions. They have been allowed to go mostly unquestioned by the media or anyone else by calling them unpatriotic. It is well past time that that changed, and that the administration was finally held under the spotlight of accountability. President Bill Clinton was no less than impeached for lying about a marital infidelity. George W. Bush didn't lead an intern into his office however, he led our nation into war, and I think that if it is shown that he did so, knowingly, under false or exaggerated pretenses impeachment would be getting off light. I applaud your efforts to do the important work the people of West Virgina elected you to do. You do so on behalf of all Americans, not just those in your district and I, for one, thank you. Good luck, keep up the good work, and remember-what's right is not always popular, and what's popular is not always right, but in the end, it is always what's right that matters, and it matters the most when your job is to be the voice of the people who cannot speak for themselves. We the people have been asked to sacrifice, and at the very least, we deserve to know why. Thank you again.

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