Friday, October 31, 2003

The sunday shows should be interesting-rummy's making the rounds-trying to prove he still has his mojo i suppose. mostly tho it will be a showcase for the latest spin from iraq. turning from their stance that saddam is insignificant, now the ousted dictator is apparently running the resistance. smart move on the part of the white house actually-rather than let the people see random guerrilla style attacks with no end in sight, which serves to highlight the administration's lack of post war planning, lets pull the war back into focus by bringing back the evil doers we went to war with in the first place. give the war a face again. the trick will be justifying all the previous assertations that there was no way saddam could be coordinating the attacks, which has been the official line for the past six months. watch this snake it's way into the lexicon as a remedy for everything from justification of more funds, to the more immediate chipping away at the anti war stances of some democratic presidential rivals. weather the chipping will be done by the republicans or lieberman- that remains to be seen. have a scary halloween everyone...

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