Friday, October 31, 2003

You'd think by now I'd be so used to whistle-ass' ramblings that they wouldn't enrage me anymore, yet here i sit, yelling at cnn.com.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CNN) -- President Bush Thursday cited the third-quarter growth of the nation's gross domestic product to 7.2 percent as proof his economic plan is working.

"That's the fastest growth we've had in nearly 20 years," Bush said in a speech before workers at Central Aluminum Co., in Columbus. "Exports are expanding, investment is rising, housing construction is growing. The tax relief we passed is working."

YEAH-THE FREAKIN' TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH SURE ARE KICKING ASS HUH?! NEVER MIND THAT EVERY IMPARTIAL ECONOMIST I HEARD YESTERDAY SAID THE GROWTH WAS DIRECTLY LINKED TO THE MIDDLE CLASS TAX CUTS THAT THE DEMOCRATS TACKED ON BEFORE THEY WOULD PASS THE BILL.Please let the democrats stand up and take some credit for this. And please let the voters remember that the GDP can be as high as it wants but so far it hasn't changed the fact that this is shaping up to be a jobless recovery. (of course odds are good that most people won't forget that they don't have jobs when they go to the polls so I won't worry on that second please too much) If I have to hear Bush extolling the virtues of tax cuts for the rich one more time I'm going to throw up.

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