Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Saw this interesting commentary on buzzflash today:

Why Condi and Not Rummy?

by One Citizen

excerpt below

So - "Why Condy and not Rummy?"

It's because someone in the Bush Administration has noticed that Congress is beginning to wonder about what little has been accomplished thus far regarding the rebuilding effort in the two countries involved. The American public is finally wising up and beginning to push for Congress to check the "books" as to where all that "rebuilding" cash has gone.

That's why "Condi and not Rummy"... it may be attributed to the sole fact that the National Security Adviser to the President is automatically exempted from Congressional Oversight. By shifting the responsibilities to Ms. Rice's office, there'll be no chance that a tell-tale money trail will be left for anyone to follow.

Is there anyone who believes that she may have been awarded the rebuilding position in recognition for past exemplary performance as National Security Adviser? To the contrary, it's more easily argued that she's dangerously ineffective as Security Adviser. It was, after all, on her watch that the prophetic August 26, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing ("PDB") got shuffled to the bottom of Bush's "Things to Do" list. That's the historic briefing which, in press conferences and interviews after 9/11, she'd call "too vague" to foresee any imminent terrorist danger. Actually, that PDB had directly predicted the high probability that the al-Qaeda would soon highjack airliners and attack the U.S. Had she effectively accomplished the one simple task spoon-feeding Dubya that PDB's "bottom-line," she likely could have prevented over 3,000 innocent Americans from dying on 9/11/01.

I was curious as to why Condi was never hauled before the 9/11 Congressional committee to testify about why she had apparently missed shoving that report under Dubya's nose, so I did a little research and turned up the fact that as National Security Adviser, she is automatically exempt from ever having to answer to Congress.

For anything.

Unlike the Secretary of Defense's position, the high office of National Security Adviser will now have the ability to rout the lion's share of monies slated for the rebuilding of Iraqi and Afghani infrastructure to virtually anywhere it pleases without any worry of ever being grilled as to where all that cash might have vanished. She can just mark "TOP SECRET" across all of the invoices, and black out the who, what, when, where, and why, pertaining to the funds. So when someone finally checks to see where all that money ended up (and they will), it'll appear as if we've piped gold bullion directly down a black hole.


But don't expect her Iraq Stabilization Group to project an exit-strategy timeline anytime soon. That'll no doubt take much longer than originally anticipated, now that BushCo's got their defense contractors' pesky paper trail problems covered.

---One Citizen

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Buzzflash reader commentary

i hope buzzflash doesn't mind me posting this exerpt-please check out their site for lots more valuable info, links and sources. they rock!

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