Tuesday, October 17, 2006

woe is we 

Teen questioned for online Bush threats

Apparently we are a nation of red patriots and blue terrorists. apparently if you're against the war and the president's style of leadership you're a threat. yes, of course it's illegal to make threats on the life of the president, and those threats warrant a degree of investigation, but i really don't think that having the secret service pull a 14-year old girl out of class and yelling at her, threatening her with juvinille hall, for being politically passionate and against the war makes the rest of us any safer. In fact i think it mocks every principle upon which this country was founded, and further belittles the men and women of our nation's military who have been sent to iraq in the name of preserving freedom if we're harassing 14 year olds for exercising their 1st amendment rights.
As I said, threatening the life of anyone is wrong-but an anti-bush posting on myspace is hardly grounds for a visit from the secret service.

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