Friday, September 01, 2006

Mr. gone 

Hey there. This is Tomkitty, Hepkitty's husband for those not in the know. I have been running this blog for about a year and a half as the Hepkitty dealt with other matters. I have decided to move it on over to my own blog, Tomkitty's Scratching Post (keeping with the cat based theme of course) in order to eliminate confusion as to who is posting what where.

No worries tho! Any good stuff I have posted over at the new place will be shared with all 5 of our readers over here. And rest assured, the Hepkitty is back to speaking out about the things important to all of us, and pointing out just what is wrong with this country, so check back for update from both Hepkitty and I soon!

Here is the new site:

And here is the first post:

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the emails! Its nice to hear from like minds.

Have a great weekend!


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