Monday, August 21, 2006

Is this true?? 

911 Investigative Journalist Harassed And Beaten At His Home By Undercover Cops - Looking Glass News

I like many others have fallen for the occasional web based urban legend. but i gotta know, is this true? The only reason i ask, is that i haven't seen it either the MSM (OoooooOOOooo shocker!), but not in the other well traveled liberal/progessive news sites either.

I found it orginally here at Open your Minds Eye

And tracked it down through google to places like this:


I found this posted to a forum too:

I spoke with Christopher Bollyn's editor. Bollyn lives very close to my home, but we have never met.

Police report to Media can be obtained by calling 847-882-1818. Lt. Russo is taking media calls and will respond with faxed Police Media Report. Hoffman Estates Police claim Undercover Officers in Area for Gang Related reasons..LOL This area is one of the most Affluent areas in Hoffman Estates (Multi million Dollar Homes are a Stones Throw), average home sells for $350k + .

I have offered to interview and obtain affidavits from Mr. Bollyn's neighbors and will await for responses from Bollyn's Attorney or Editor.

Yours in Observing America as a Gulag,


I may call this number tomorrow if i can find a fax machine other than the ones i have at work. I really don't need that kind of trouble in the office.

If anyone has anymore info, pass it along. If i'm a fool, i'm a fool, but if this is true, it needs coverage.

Night all


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