Monday, August 07, 2006

CNN.com - Reuters says Mideast photographer doctored shots - Aug 7, 2006 

CNN.com - Reuters says Mideast photographer doctored shots - Aug 7, 2006

I'm going to break from the usual political ranting that goes on in this litter box, and move over to something that is more inline with my professional life: Photo Editing.

The owners of this blog are really good at editing images, and have been doing it for years. We can do it in our sleep at this point, I even had recurring dreams about changing images. Hepkitty teaches it professionally, I, Tomkitty, can do hundereds of image alterations in an hour. And you know what, when we change an image, you would never know.

I can put OJ Simpson on the grassy knoll, and you would believe it, even if only for the second it takes your brain to realize that OJ was too young to be there on that day.

This guy, Adnan Hajj of Reuters, did such a horrible job, i'm less shocked that a photographer for an international press syndicate did suc a thing, as I am more shocked that the after images were ever published!

In the industry, we call the problem 'Clone Marks'. look at the after image, and you will see the smoke has repeating areas that are the result of an almost barbaric use of the Clone tool (sometimes called the 'Rubber Stamp'). You can see where he tried to augment the smoke coming from the building on the left by making it darker and more defined, but what a way to screw it up.

Here is your first PhotoShop tip from the litter box. He used the Clone tool in a half-assed manner, in conjunction with the Burn tool (or more likely given his obvious lack of photo editing, a half-assed selection adjusted using Levels.. or even worse, the brightness/contract function in the Image menu... ewww). In this instance, I would have used just the Burn tool. (Its coupled with the Dodge and Spounge tools.) The Burn tool can gently darken selected areas or as a brush, either highlights, midtones, or shadows, in a more subtle way all on its own. If used propery, you can avoid the Clone tool altogether, and turn out a shockingly grim visage of war. Professionally undetectable!

Have a good night all, and keep praticing!


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