Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bonfire Night 

V for Vendetta

This is a really really good flick, and I insist that anyone reading this run out and buy, rent or borrow it right now.  This movie is well thought out, with fantasitic if sometimes disturbing imagery, and a plot that is a perfect allegory for the times we live in. This movie is based on an original graphic novel created by Alan Moore, and published by DC/Vertigo, and is just stunning. The main character, played by Hugo Weaving (AKA Agent Smith from the Matrix series of movies) is inspired by Guy Fawkes, and Mr. Weaving lends a certain power to the role that is truly inspiring.

This year, i'm am holding a November the 5th party in the Philadelphia region in honor of Guy Fawkes Night (commonly known in the UK as Bonfire Night), hopefully with a full bonfire and fireworks.  I invite all to attend, and for those of you in the scattered realms, please consider hosting a similar affair, and pass the word to all you know.

This will shortly follow Halloween, and preceed the November Elections which will be on the 7th, where hopefully, the current regime will get knocked back a bit. It is my intention to put a little fear of the people in the eyes of the government, remind them that we aren't stupid, are paying attention, and are going to take back this country. Please spread the word, and lets see how wide spread we can make this.

Also, don't forget to vote this November 7th. This is our chance to change things, and remind those in office that they are answerable to us for everything they do in our name, and we will let them know our displeasure by voting some out of the seats in the senate.

This affair i propose should be civil and fun.  Maybe a bit rowdy, but just another celebration, entirely open to the public.  I will post details as i gather resources between then and now.

Anyone intersted, please feel free to contact me at any point if you wish to help out with resources, a location idea, wish to host your own bonfire night, or would like to attend a bonfire.

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