Friday, July 07, 2006

Show me the body 

Enron's Lay to be cremated, buried in Aspen - Jul. 7, 2006

Come on now. I don't think that I am being unreasonable. The media splashed images of Zarqawi and the Hussein brothers all over the news, so get with the pictures already.

Yes, my tin foil hat is a bit worn these days, comfortable really, but am I out of line here?

Look at it this way, King George can't pardon him, his legacy isn't shaping up to be that stellar to begin with, but to pardon a corporate criminal, regardless of the fact that he was a donor and long time friend (mind the company you keep), just isn't going to go over well with citizens at large. So what to do?

Well, as Homer Simpson once said, "There is a lot of money out there for a man who can fake his own death."

Seriously now, MSM, make with the pictures. Don't go engaging in some sort of double standard now, because I know you wouldn't do that. (Can you believe I typed that with a straight face?) Just show me some images of Kenny-Boy before he hits the oven, so that all of us can know that I am crazy for asking, and that he isn't in fact alive and free to live the remainder of his life on some private island under an assumed name.

Have a good weekend all!


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