Sunday, February 26, 2006

The ports thingy... How stupid can you get? 

If your Mr. bush, than the answer would be 'a lot more than you thought possible'.

I have been quite busy lately, but always listening to the news. From 2005 I saw 2 really spectacular failures on the part of the bush administration; His Social Security "reform", and the nomination of Harreit Myers for the Supreme Court. Shortly into 2006 I get an early Chritmas present... Excuse me. Holiday present.

This really came out of no where, which is part of the administration's problem: Were they trying to sneak something by us???

Not Them! Surely all my conservative friends would litter the break room at work with comments like: 'he didn't do anything wrong' or 'how could he have known?' or 'This is harmless. Let the sale go through. I don't know what you Liber-als are worried about.'

Wellllll.... not so much.
My conservative 'bush-is-never-wrong' friends are saying nothing of the sort. You either get dead silence, or an outright 'someone has to stop this' from them these days.

What are we, the good guys, going to get from this? Nothing but the shear entertainment of watching them spin spin spin, and have to reverse course all the same. Not as juicy a possible outcome as the other problems they face have to offer. At least at the moment I don't see any indictments on the horizon, but I am quite amused.

Why are they going to turn around? Because this runs contrary to the momentum they used in the 2002 and 2004 elections. They rode in and strengthened their position by using lines like 'pre-9/11 mentality' to attack their opponents, and the voters bought that. Now they are trying to tell the 'its a flag, not a rag' crowd that is Okay, and we shouldn't worry about national security in this matter. Good luck with that argument. You guys are the stay the course folk, aren't you? How do you think this looks to the people who voted for bush on the issue of security? Is this the Post-9/11 mentality? I’m not saying that bush supporters are inherently racist, but they seem to be quite distrustful of Muslim countries, and the bushies fed into that. Remember comments like 'we fight them over their so we don't have to fight them over here'? Most conservatives I know don't like Saudi Arabia the way their dear leader does. They see high gas prices, and their ties to 9/11, and generally leave it at that. I contend that Iraq was only attacked in that region because it was the pre-decided upon target. Folks were so mad after 9/11, any country in the middle east could have been invaded. If the bushies had chosen the UAE or Saudi Arabia, none of their supporters would have blinked, not that the outcome would have been any different.

From what I’m hearing at work and on the news, these folks have started to run against the grain of their own supporters, just like in the case of Hariett Myers. Its either head back now, or suffer later. Of course, a measure of damage has been done already to be sure. This port deal fills out a nice trinity when it comes to gaining insight into the judgment of this administration. That’s right folks, Social Security, Harriet Myers and this port deal will tell you everything you need to know about the bushies and their motivations.

Tell your friends!

Have a good weekend all.

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