Wednesday, January 25, 2006

End of days 

Well folks, as CNN is reporting, this is the face of the soon to be 110th supreme court justice.

What now? Well, we are going to have to get really accustomed to some of the things that we have come to hate in the past 5 years. None of these things are new, we have just lost our chance to fight them for what might potentialy be a looooong time.

1. The office of the president will no longer be held accountable for its action with respect to the law. You will come to think of the 'President' as a guy who gets to act like a king for 4 years, if not 8.

2. Corporations now get to do what ever they like. The can polute, they can mistreat their employees, well, anything really. They own you now.

3. The goverment will have the right to be 'all up in your business', as it were. No right to personal choice, no privacy, and no power to disagree.

4. Voting rights.... c'mon now, we haven't had those in years!

But, if your not used to these things by now, then you haven't been living in America for very long. The problem comes from the fact that this man has, what in reality is, the support of the minority. Funny that. The minority opinion will rule here, because the minority is the majority in American politics. The majority of Americans are for a woman's right to choose. The majority of Americans are against unchecked executive powers. The majority of Americans believe that everyone has the right to vote. The majority of Americans don't want corporations to polute their neighborhoods. But, unfortunatly, the minority has a lock on power, at least through the end of this year. Though now they can hold onto the court for much longer.

Alright folks, lets sit back, and prepare to send blood samples to the FBI, have barcodes tatooed on us by the Secret Service, and tracking chips implanted in us by the NSA.

I'm going to take a nap now. Wake me when the revolution comes, or if the GOP controlled senate feels like voting with the majority of their constituents. Until then, hail the new aristocracy!


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