Saturday, June 03, 2006

Behold the party of hate 

CNN.com - Bush urges gay marriage ban enshrined in Constitution - Jun 3, 2006

That is what it boils down to with these guys, politics based on bigotry. I often wonder how this works, but i guess prejudice is one of the more base parts of the human psyche, one that is easy enough to play on. Basically the small-minded using the small-minded for their own ends i suppose.

I had to ask one of my conservative friends about the gay marrige ban once. I don't know that he cared about it all that much, but pointedly i just had to ask, 'why do you guys obsess about it so much? Is your every waking thought filled with homosexuality?'

I got a good laugh out of that one. I did press on though. 'Was it like you missed the superbowl last year because gay men were having an orgy in your living room that blocked you television or something?'

What a time America has come to, where unelected folks have rigged the political systems in order to subvert democracy, and try to write into the constitution an amendment directed at persecuting a group of people based on the way they live their lives. We're to the point where compairing America to Germany in the thirties if even wearing on me.

Here we have a madman still on the lose in Afganistan, a war in Iraq that was unwarrented and based on not only profit, but settling old scores, a war that to this point has cost the lives of 2474 American soldiers, we have an energy crisis that is causing immense finnacial hardships to all Americans, a raging deficit caused by irresponsible policy decisions, the threat from global warming which almost erased a city from the North American continent, and what is at the top of the GOP's list this election year? Persecution. Thats it in their minds. When faced with serious problems, be they failures born of incompenence, and the bad poll numbers that those failures will lead inevitably to, and they do what good facists do best... find a scape-goat.

First, Santorum and Bush are all in such bad shape, that this is all they can fall back on. Hate, pure and truly simple.

Say goodnight to the Fourth Reich, and have a good weekend all!


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