Monday, October 09, 2006

Desperate much? 

Apparently in a bid to change the flagging fortunes of republicans running for house and senate seats in the face of the foley scandal and their overall suckiness, fox news has began putting D's after the names of republican candidates, and R's after the names of their democratic opponents.

I'd laugh at this feeble attempt to trick disenchanted (and apparently stupid) voters if it weren't for the fact that they presumably came up with this stupid idea after mis-labeling Mark Foley as a Dem, and then the "mistake" being picked up by the AP. Since mostly right wingers watch fox their audience thinking the democrats are republicans only serves to help the democrats in the election, but if other media outlets follow suit.....

well, on the bright side maybe it will confuse the crap out of people so much when they hear labeled republicans talking about a national healthcare system and the right of a woman to choose that it will lead to the utter demise of the two party system all together.

Then I can start gathering people for my new third party- The United People's Party of Americans Who Want Stuff but Don't Want to Pay For It and Also Like Trees, or The U.P.P.A.W.W.S.D.W.P.F.I.A.L.T.

I think it'll be really popular.

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