Friday, October 10, 2003

hello. i'm new to this whole web log thing so this is going to suck for a bit. if someone could let the blogging community know i'm here i'll tell them where to send my "welcome" basket of cheeses etc. anyhoo, i'm just a pissed off liberal democrat. there's a ton of us out there. a majority, actually, if you look at the results of our last presidential election. i'm somewhat of a political junkie and will be posting things of the political nature more often then not. it'll probably be alot of opinion, and i welcome feedback. if i post anything i hear on the news or see on the web i'll try to keep everything factual and if i post something i can't prove i'll let you know. it's a friday so i'll try to get this thing a little more together over the weekend. until then, if anyone stumbles accross this site, i hope you'll bare with me and come back to see if it gets any better. i hope it will, and if not, screw it, there's millions of these things. - hepkitty

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