Tuesday, January 20, 2004

What an asshole-so there he goes with the tort reform-for anyone who doesn't know what that is it means-well, -did anyone see Erin Brockovich? You know how she got all those people together and sued that chemical company or whatever it was cuz they all had cancer etc. from living near it and working there? Well, tort reform makes it so it would be illegal for those people to sue that company. In the SOTU it is billed as "getting rid of frivolous lawsuits" what they don't say is it only works to get rid of frivolous law suits against big polluting corporations. Don't believe me? He did the same thing when he was governor of Texas-read Molly Ivins, "Bushwhacked". Also , in case you missed it he wants to dismantle social security-now since I know my demographic is young males 15-30 ( ;) hey dr.j )I know you don't think about social security much-but remember all those people who lost all their retirement in the Enron scandal? Without social security they're screwed-there's too much more he saying right now that is making me want to cry. Later.

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