Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Poor Howard Dean. I was an early supporter, but with his recent string of missteps and misstatements I'm leaning more towards the position of, what one button says is, "Dated Dean, Marrying Kerry". I started to become unsure when he said we shouldn't pre judge Osama. I realize that under our great system of justice everyone's innocent until proven guilty, but c'mon- that's the kind of statement that will hand the election to Bush on a silver platter. Also it was pretty bad when he yelled at that old guy last week. Then last night, listening to the various speeches of the candidates Dean sounded like a WWF wrestler-do you ssssmmmellllll what the doctor's coookin'!?! Then as a final insult that screamy noise he made (if you heard it you know what I'm talking about) was a sound button on the Howard Stern show this morning. (I think it replaced the Sulu laugh) I know it was only the first primary, and it's far from over, and Dean's far from out-things can change rapidly as we saw just this past week-and I swear that I will support whoever who gets the nomination. Part of me still wants Dean to recover-the idealist part that fell in love with his populist anger-but mostly I just want to get Bush out of the White House. And lately I have serious doubts that Dean has the steely temperament to do it. Stay tuned.....

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