Thursday, December 04, 2003

Hooray for Hollywood

Now that the left has started organizing and consolidating their PACs in an effort to oust Bush in 04, the Republicans are fuming. They claim that the soft money raised by groups like America Coming Together, and MoveOn.org, are pushing campaign finance laws-oh, OK. Cuz The Heritage Foundation does nothing to advance Republican agenda. Plus you have millions being raised by the oil, coal, and lumber industries for Bush, (where do you think that 200 million he's trying to raise comes from? A bake sale?) The left has always had a ton of little groups hoping to effect policy on medicare, or gun control, or the environment, the republicans are just pissed off now that they've focused their efforts and fund raising power on a common enemy-the Bush White House. I really think in that case all this amounts to is - too bad. Deal with it. No one has seen the left this angry and cohesive in a long time-and as Bruce Banner says-"You wouldn't like [them] when [they're] angry" Besides-as far as special interests go, I'd rather see Tom Hanks have influence than Ken Lay any day. I know my big deal is campaign finance reform-it still is and will be until there's real change-but this next year is about a greater purpose-getting the radical right out of the White House. If Bush is going to have hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal the least the Democratic challenger deserves is an equal chance. Once regime change is accomplished then the real reform can begin. For now though if Hollywood wants to make the Democratic side of this contest as big budget a production as the Republicans will for Bush I'm getting my popcorn ready for the show.

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