Saturday, November 29, 2003

I took a few days off for the holidays but I had some thoughts during the last debate-They do well to bring up the fact that the current administration uses fear and intimidation-they do, and it sux-But the line I was waiting to hear was-" FDR said 'The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself'. While we as Americans have long drawn strength and courage from these words, this administration seems to use them as a blueprint for manipulating democracy." The other historical refrence that I havn't heard yet is to the Cuban missle crisis. "If our nation had a policy of paranoid preemption ,as we do today, during the dark days of the Cuban missle crisis the end of the cold war would have been a nuclear winter. Diplomacy and the temperance of power in times of potential national crisis are the benchmarks of what truly does make us a great society. " Lines like these would also serve to remind the nation of FDR's Great Society-which is crucial in a time where we have an administration who has said that rolling back the great society is one of it's goals. We need to remember our history lest we are doomed to repeat it. My dad and I had a great talk on thanksgiving this year, and he told me he hates to see where the country is going right now, because, as he put it, " I've already lived through this once, it was called vietnam, and I never thought I'd have to live through it again" We shouldn't have to live through it again-we have to pay attention and do whatever we can to stop history from repeating itself. Gay marriage is just a repeat of the debate over inter-racial marriage. The Patriot act is just a rehash of the alien and sedition acts. and if we're not careful, North Korea could be our Cuban Missle Crisis-only without the sigh of relief at the end.

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