Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hepkitty’s Wacky Leftist Conspiracy Theory of the Day!

Today’s crackpot theory is brought to you by Michael Jackson. He claimed that the charges brought against him over the past two days were timed to ruin his album release. Talk about paranoid egotism!! That is totally crazy!! But it got me thinking about something-The Santa Barbra PD said they sat on the charges for two weeks or so because they were busy dealing with “Halloween pranksters”. That does sound weird. So do I think they were trying to mess with Jacko’s album launch? Hell no-that really is crazy. Does the breaking of a major scandalous Michael Jackson story distract the media of the entire world from any protests of President Bush’s visit to Britain-Yes Yes Yes. It also distracts people from this little bit of news- Bush Hints at Troop Increase. In a time when the public opinion of the war is increasingly negative the planned deployment of more troops would not go over well-especially with those protesters. But if it is announced in a policy speech during a trip to Britain where it’s not the focus, against the backdrop of a huge piece of celebrity gossip, it gets all but lost in the shuffle .So there you have it-Michael Jackson is being offered up as a sacrifice on the alter of world media coverage to cover for the President. Do I think Jackson is an innocent victim of propaganda? No (I really do think he’s a pedophilic freak who deserves to be locked up.) But is the timing suspect? I believe it is. Stay tuned as I think this will become a regular feature - if not every day at least once a week....

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