Friday, November 14, 2003

Alright-I'm posting a link to Paul Krugman's latest column because it does something very important-it breaks down in layman's terms exactly what the Bush administration's proposed Medicare policy is. This is the plan they're trying to get pushed through the senate now. They're masking it politically as a prescription drug plan, which everyone largely wants. But what blew my mind was that it's the opposite of what the republicans largely want, so why are they pushing for it? They're not. The plan they're proposing will pretty much just undermine Medicare, and eventually cause a crisis that could destroy the program completely. By saying it's a presciption drug plan it makes anyone who votes against it look like an asshole who's against sick people getting medicine, during an election cycle. Just so you know-that's crap. Read the piece and see what they're really voting on. Trust me, it's not good medicine.

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