Thursday, December 04, 2003

On one hand, it's good to finally see the goods on Diebold touch screen voting systems exposed in the New york Times-Paul Krugman's latest column pretty much rehashes all the stuff I've cited previously on the topic. However, he writes for the Times, and I write for a weblog nobody reads. On the other hand, there has been a marked increase in the number of right wing pundits who are trying to paint Krugman as a nut-job. There's little wonder why. No respectable right winger wants a conservative economist who teaches at Princeton to go full boar Anti-Bush. Mostly because when sane, educated economists make sane, educated arguements against your president they don't seem quite so flaky as, say, the assertations of your average web logger might sound. I'm actually reading Krugman's book, "The Great Unravelling", right now, and I for one can attest that he's not a nut-job. I suspect that most conservatives know that-which is why he's so scary to them. But judge for yourself-it's a great book and I recommend it. And as for Diebold-hopefully soon it will find it's way out of the weblogs and op-eds and into the mainstream press-we'll just wait and see...

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