Friday, December 05, 2003

I was reading the latest terror warnings on CNN this morning. I haven't read many of them recently but this one caught my eye since it focused on a possible threat to shopping malls and with the holiday season here and the economy sucking there's no reason to scare people out of malls unless there is some danger. Anyhoo- the only reason I'm even commenting is the last sentence in the story. It reports on video tape and chatter from Militant Islamist websites and closes with....

"The video shows al Qaeda training camps inside the Saudi kingdom, while praising Ilah's actions"

Training camps inside Saudi Arabia. I think this made it's way to CNN as a test to see if the Saudi's are really our partners in terror. If these camps get bombed by the Saudi's they pass, if not....There's no other reason I can see for this sentence to be on CNN.com. But then again, what I know about these matters could fill a thimble so don't take my word for it.

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