Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hiya! I apologize to any potential readers I may have for my prolonged absence.A one-two punch of my computer taking a crap and my recently joining the ever swelling ranks of the unemployed has kept me from blogging for awhile, as well as the usual holiday madness of course. Golly, gee, damn, it's cold today. Anyhoo, I didn't finally log back on to discuss the weather. I logged on to discuss business as usual from the White House. First thing pissing me off is the Mad Cow situation. My husband and I are former vegetarians who haven't eaten red meat in years so I'm not too worried for us, but what does bother me is this BS story about DNA tests proving the cow came from Canada. Where it came from isn't the immediate issue here. The issue is the fact that the cow was slaughtered and butchered and sold to the public HERE, because of eased regulations on so called "downer" cows. That cow was apparently all wobbly and sick looking, but was still killed and sold because eased regulations said it was just slightly less sick than would be considered questionable. The issue is the beef industry getting those regulations eased by giving huge amounts of money to the various campaigns of the president, and various people in charge of agriculture. If these restrictions were left alone the cow in question would have never made it to the killing floor. But instead of dealing with these serious issues our government has chosen to do what? Tell us everything's fine, don't worry, keep eating beef, and blame Canada! Bravo, I feel safer, don't you?

"Banning Sale of 'Downer' Meat Represents a Change in Policy"

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