Monday, December 15, 2003

My computer went down over the weekend so I've fallen a bit behind (what a weekend to fall behind huh?) I think it totally rocks that they caught Saddam. Who wouldn't? We've watched a growing insurgency and uncertainty in Iraq since the president declared an end to major combat, and the capture of Saddam is one big step that the people of Iraq needed us to accomplish so they can feel safer, and get on with their lives. Plus, no lover of freedom could possibly view Saddam Hussein as anything but a monster. Yet I have to endure hearing Robert Novak attack democrats by saying we're less than happy at Saddam's capture. I assume he meant because it makes bush look good-but that part of the statement was dropped from the end. How dare you Mr. Novak. How dare you imply that liberal democrats would be anything less than jubilant at the arrest of a man who inspires fear and symbolizes some of the most horrible human rights atrocities the world has known. Liberals are for human rights, social and economic justice, and protection of civil liberties. All I'll say is this-as a democrat I know Saddam Hussein is a bastard-I just happen to also believe that George W. Bush is no peach either. Maybe he hasn't gassed a group of his own citizens with chemical weapons-but he eases restrictions that allow his contributors to gas us with pollution. Maybe he doesn't kill those who disagree with him, but he has his attack dogs publicly question their patriotism, and in the case of Joeseph Wilson, threaten their families. The world is better for Saddam Hussein being in custody-That is a fact. I just also happen to believe that the world would be alot safer without George W. Bush in power as well.

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