Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Pay attention to the language of the SOTU tonight, it should be full of interesting, little, turns of phrase like, "ownership society". I'm reading between the lines that alot of the domestic agenda will basically be a "it's your problem America-not ours" kind of thing. For instance, the health care savings account thing-where we get a tax cut so we can start a savings account to pay for our own healthcare and insurance. We're on our own kids-Mr. Pwesident thinks the rich need to get richer again I guess. Also expect the Prez. to bash gay marriage some more and try to force that debate into the campaign spotlight. I sincerely hope the dems don't fall for it. All the response that issue needs is the constitutional response, ie "Since when in the history of the republic has the constitution been a tool to limit civil rights for Americans? First we get the Patriot Act, now we're going to legislate people's love lives? Whatever happened to this smaller government republicans always say they want? Oh, that's right, they use that mantra to take away Medicare and social security and cut taxes for the rich. When it comes to our private lives the government can be as big as it wants I guess-especially when they can use the debate to turn Americans against each other and make us forget we have no jobs."

Or something like that.

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