Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Watching the SOTU-oh yeah, this isn't remotely political. Perish the thought. "We [can't] leave our work unfinished." No really, you can. Actually, please do-your work scares the shit out of me. Ok-here comes the scare tactics. I knew this was coming. Also the whole, "there hasn't been another attack cuz I protected you", BS. That always reminds me of the words of Lisa Simpson "by that logic I can claim that this rock keeps tigers away", "How so?" "Well, I don't see any tigers do you?" "Lisa, I wanna buy your rock." To you I say, (shaking my fist with my thumb on it) America, don't buy that rock!! God this is a load of crap-I may need to be overly un-civic and change the channel. Oh, ok-Afghanistan's kids are back in school. Don't you mean Kabul's kids-I don't think the majority of Afghanistan is in any shape for you to say---aww screw this, why bother, nothing he's going to say is going to do anything other than make bile rise in my throat. I'm gonna see what else is on and read the transcript later without the smirk-Maybe I'll just go give more money to the DNC. :(

PS-one final thought-how can he say America's people will no longer be terrorized by thugs and assassins-is he dropping out of the race? ;)

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