Friday, March 11, 2005

Gannon: The Movie - The Credits 

The Nashua Advocate: New GOPUSA News Service, Cybercast News, Replaces Talon News; Now Embroiled in Scandal Over Flooding Google News With Identical Jeff Gannon Articles

You know i read this article today, but was at work, and couldn't post. I had been wondering about this Cybercast News Services. I noticed that they we're hitting the google page most of wednesday, but didn't think about it past that...

but i saw this just now.

So here are the credits (if this situation were a movie) as i have determined thus far:

James Guckert (Jeff Gannon)
Bobby Eberle
Morton Blackwell
Brent Bozell (new!)
Karl Rove(?)

something to think about.


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