Saturday, March 05, 2005

Is this their way of telling bloggers 'shut up, we're not listening'? 

CNN.com - Poll: Most Americans unfamiliar with blogs - Mar 3, 2005

This is as close as they have come to mentioning the Gannon story on their website since February 9th (i think i mentioned that before), and the only reason i consider this related to Gannon is that as of the time of this post, it is being linked from their politics page as well as their tech page. It mentions the Rather thing, but quite frankly that is not enough.
I know CNN has had several reports on air on the subject, but seriously now. Do they have their eyes shut and their fingers in their ears or something?? WAKE THE #$%!!* UP!
You are making yourselfs out to be exactly what the bush administration wants you to be, a marginalized set of talking heads that the public is becoming less and less willing to trust.

But what should i expect from the channel that has become the best source for news... about Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart.

Do us all a favor and merge with Fox News and be done with it already. That way we only need one channel to both ignore the administration's wrong doing and blindly support them at the same time! This would save me precious time in my day by only having to ignore one channel instead of two.

tomkitty :p

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