Sunday, February 27, 2005

'Old Arab?' 

Her Syndicate Runs Edited Version of Ann Coulter Column

How can a person so filled with hate be taken serious. Who is she trying to insult exactly? Helen Thomas? Liberals? Gannon detractors? Arabs? Who?? Its like she is trying to be a sniper taking aim at a target 100 yards away, but using a shot gun filled with buck-shot instead of a rifle. All that accomplishes is making a lot of noise, while reducing the possibility of hitting her mark.

I take back the Vanna White comment. I'm starting to think that Ann Coulter is Don Rickles. An insult comic, although she is hilarious without intending to be.

As an aside, watch the conservative media closely. You will find them claiming that 'liberals hate Gannon for being gay', more than liberals actually focus on his homosexuality. this is a smoke screen to take attention away from the real issue of GOVERNMENT RUN AND FUNDED PROPOGANDA; don't fall for it. They can bitch and moan about bias as much as they like, but that just makes them look more hypocritical if you have been paying attention.
If the media, the senate, congress and the American people don't take a serious look at the real issue of a White House that is potentially misleading people, this country will be lost. It is bad enough that after 8 years of these people being in charge, all we can look forward to will be undoing the damage they have caused to not only America, but the planet and the human race as a whole. But that it is wrong for us to go out of our way to address the issue head on and inform citizens of what is being done in their name is ludicrous.

I am an idealist. I think of the foundation of America as glorious and noble, and was raised to believe that we (Americans) were building a great future for the world, not just ourselves. And have lately had my heart broken by a political base of Neo-Conservatives whose sole motive behind their actions is summed up in one word: power.

They lie to gain positions of power, they fight against environment and social protections to add to their coffers, they spread innuendo and rumor to put down any opposition, and once they have gained their precious power, they abuse it to give themselves more money and control, with a total disregard for the consequences of their actions. And why not? They will not have to eat the fruit that will grow from the seeds they sew, our children will.

The media could stop this, but by remaining as silent as the administration on the Gannon subject, they imply that they are complicit, afraid or embarrassed. To them I say grow up and get back to work. You know, it would even make me feel better to hear that I am wrong and that this Gannon thing is really nothing, and that the Bush administration is not abusing its power by altering public opinion through manipulation of the press, but you had best back it up with some hard facts. This ‘because they said so’ nonsense does not hold water.

I don’t want to believe that this is something that even needs to be fought over. This is something that should make all Americans sit up and take notice. But the fight only exists here, on the blogs. It needs to be brought up in the msm before you’re average American will care enough to ask the questions that are truly in their own best interests.

And if you (the msm) look at it from a Neo-Conservative standpoint, there would be a lot of money to be gained from ratings for breaking a story like this wide open.

Now no one can say I don’t offer incentives for an honest days work. I put a carrot on the end of the stick. Now move.


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