Friday, February 25, 2005

Hmmmm... I don't know why.. 

it might have something to do with my day at work... but i feel in the mood for an angry rant.
check this out

This was taken from a website called Men's News Daily (remember that name, it will be on the quiz). Notice the second paragraph:

His (someone called Daniel J. Phillips -- edited by tomkitty) proposed questionairre would be: “Ask if any reporter is a homosexual. Ask if any has ever exchanged sex for anything. Ask them to list all web sites with which they have ever had any involvement. Review all of their questions and articles for any bias, agenda, or tendentiousness. Ask for a list of all political associations, involvements, activities, financial giving. Once step five is completed, the same investigation must be performed on the organizations that employ them. Report the results.”

I say, go right the hell ahead.

Why? Why take up a dangerous challenge sounding as though it might have a bad result, and be turned against you?
Let us validatide the media, for the good of the American people.

As you can see from my previous post for an Op-Ed piece i wrote for the Augusta Free Press, the gay thing is irrelevent to me. The sordid past thing is tough to call, but i believe a person can change, though it really depends on your definitions of the words change or sordid, but that's just me. A prostitute is still a person after all (a person Hepkitty doesn't want me hanging around with, but you'll have that when your married).

However i have a serious problem with how the media conducts its coverage of this administration, and if it takes a full examination of the media to get honest and fair coverage of events for the American people and for them to see what this administration is doing with their money and their future, than so be it.

If someone is reporting on something because they were told to or paid to, or inversely not reporting on something because they were told not to or threatend if they were to cover it, than why have a news media at all?

Close down all the newpapers and magazines. we could save a lot of trees that way (wow. more 'liberal' got into that sentence than i originally intended. sorry)

Shut down the news networks. That would mean we had more room on the dial for porn!

Disconnect all of the news websites. There will be more bandwidth for... well... porn.

And then we can get back to the business at hand of letting this administration wreck America's persona in the eyes of the world, grabbing up all the oil under the lands of people we don't like or can pin something on (SADDAM HUSSAIN DID NOT HAVE PEOPLE FLY PLANES INTO THE GODDAMN WORLD TRADE CENTER!!!), while stuffing as much money in their friends and thier own pockets as they can.

If there were to be such a questionaire, i can tell you one good result of such a thing is that there would be no more FOX news reporters in the White House press room, and thats enough for me.

Seriously, i ask the media to resume its roll of reporting the NEWS and stop shoving OPINION down my goddamn throat. (oooo... an opinion on my blog, wonder if Gannon will sue me too????)

ohhh... and in case you didn't know... Men's "News" Daily formally published Jeff Gannon's articles.

So, to the good folks over at Mens New's Daily, don't talk to me, or any one, about bias, talk to me about impartiallity. it makes for better news. but that is just my opinion. ;)

And by the way, you need to tell Daniel J. Phillips some thing for me; tendentiousness means bias. Put down the thesaurus, and be a little more original. And further, i see Men's "News" Daily as flawed as Talon "News" and GOPUSA given that you have also published Gannon's writings.
So go right on ahead and take the word 'news' out of your name, sit down and shut up. (a page from the book of "O'Rielly". Feels good! Now i know why he says it so much!)

ahhhh... i feel much better.

Later cats,

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