Thursday, February 24, 2005

You gotta admire his determination... I think 

It was horrified that the relentless string of hostile and a few downright disrespectful questions had been broken.
Jeff Gannon activated a new blog today. Man that takes balls (we know he has them, they have been posted on the internets). I will have to give him that, especially with that line (copied and pasted, not edited in any way by lil ol' me. >:} )

Keep going folks. This is what we call 'panic'. Too frantic to use spelling/grammer check, though i may not be the one to bring that up, but then again, i don't claim to be a journalist. I haven't given my $50 to the GOP yet. ;)


PS from hepkitty: Jeffy, it really is horrible when someone questions someone else in a democracy, isn't it?

PPS from tomkitty: hee hee hee :p

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