Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ok, I didn't vote for the guy (Arlen Specter) But, I did say to my husband on several occasions that in the race between Specter and Hoeffell I preferred Hoeffell, but either way we gat a good senator, and after Specter's inital election night comments I had some hope that the rarest of breeds-the moderate republican, still existed. We all see what those comments are costing him now So if anyone cares about protecting the integrity of Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court in general, during this long national nightmare I urge you to write letters of support to Senator Specter, and letters to the White House as well voicing your support for the senator as a public servant, and how backing him for head of the senate judiciary committee would be a great start if Bush is even remotely serious about reaching out to his detractors in the voting public. That's IF he was serious tho, which is a big if.

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