Monday, February 28, 2005

I communicate uh... good. 

FOX's media critic labeled Republican activist Gannon a "journalist"[Media Matters for America]

The funniest thing about this piece is the statement by Jane Hall, who really shouldn't be involved in teaching 'Communications' to others in any way apparently:

JANE HALL (assistant professor at American University's School of Communication): Well, I think the hypocrisy and the concern, you know, of -- there are a lot of different issues here. This was a guy who was called on a lot, as the group Media Matters, the liberal group, has pointed out. I mean, I just wonder whether a guy who was obviously phrasing left-wing questions, would have had a press credential for two years, you know, was funded by a GOP-related group, it's hard for me to imagine that this would have happened if the -- if the bias were on the other foot. So that's part of what's amusing about it to some people.

hee hee


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