Saturday, March 05, 2005

Bob, Bob, Bob... Why even ask? 

CNN.com - Social Security blues - Mar 3, 2005

This is the never give up and never think things through attitude i have come to know and love about the Neo-Cons. Of course Novak only mentions the AARP in terms of 'planting fear' once. (btw - can someone tell me why Novak isn't looking at jail time for not releasing HIS source for HIS story on Valerie Plame, yet 2 journalist who never printed anything are??)
Remember when the AARP was buddy-buddy with the administration over medicare reformback in November 2003? I guess the Neo-Cons dont.

"AARP believes the millions of older Americans and their families will be helped by this legislation," Bill Novelli, chief executive of the group, said in a statement that acknowledged the legislation is "far from perfect." [but] "It will provide substantial relief for those with very high drug costs and will provide modest relief for millions more."

AARP -- now known only by the acronym for the name it scrapped to reach out for members beyond retirees -- plans to lend its considerable weight to push the package through with a three-day ad campaign starting Tuesday on cable television.

Its funny how one GOP aide once said of the AARP's support for the Medicare drug bill: "It's a tsunami. They're pulling out all the stops to get this over the finish line."

How is it now that the AARP now is being deamonized for using 'scare tactics'?

Oh.. Yeah.. its their own fault for failing to unquestioningly lie down and obey the bush administration. Damn them for looking out for their members over listening to president bush's wanton assertions that only private accounts can save them now.

Look how fast the attack dogs are let loose at the slightest signs of resistance. God forbid that the AARP can't endores their plan just because the administration doesn't have a real plan yet. If the AARP isn't carefull, they'll get the same treatment as the CIA, the 'liberal' media (CBS, Helen Thomas, etc.), the UN, 'old' Europe, Richard Clarke, the Teacher's Union, the Democratic Party, environmental scientists (well, science in general really), Joseph Wilson, Scott Ritter, and anyone else who is a 'boulder in the middle of the road' to their ideology.

If the administration had a workable plan, perhaps senators and congressmen would be facing less opposition from their constituents. Perhaps if the administration gave up this 'my way or the highway' nonsense, they might be able to work with others in the name of a more inclusively desgned reform. But noooo... They are like pitbull with it's jaws lock on a nice juicy piece of meat. Even though the meat is tainted, they just won't let go.

At least they have come far enough to admit that private accounts aren't going to work by themselves, but now they have to understand that private accounts might not work at all. I'm not saying they couldn't if they were crafted properly, but until the administration is willing to do less lecturing and hold honest to god discussions with what they percieve to be their opposition, then they really aren't going anywhere with this.

Puts me in the mood for another Op-Ed...
I gots some thinking to do folks.


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