Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Pot? Meet The Kettle. 

CNN.com - U.S. urges China to rethink "Taiwan law" - Mar 8, 2005

Boucher said the United States objected to the resolution both because it was an attempt to solve the problem unilaterally and because it threatened non-peaceful means. --U.S. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher

You know, i really hope that the Tiawanese have an opportunity to find their own way as an independent nation, But that comment is more than a little funny coming from anyone in the U.S. State Department given our current reputation.

Also in Foreign Affairs, from the people who brought you the coalition of the willing...

The Armageddon Nominee - John Bolton

Powell frequently complained to those cloeset to him that Bolton was undercutting him and appeared to be taking orders from Cheney and the Pentagon, rather than from his State Department superiors.

In a speech in Seoul that same month, for example, just as Pyongyang agreed to enter multilateral talks on its nuclear program as the administration had demanded, Bolton described life in North Korea as a ‘’hellish nightmare,’’ and accused its leader, Kim Jong Il, of being a ‘’dictator’’ or ‘’tyrant’’ running a ‘’dictatorship’’ or ‘’tyranny’’ no less than a dozen times.

Some U.S. and Asian analysts said the speech appeared designed to provoke Kim to boycott the meeting. Indeed, the North Korean media described Bolton as ‘’rude human scum’’ and a ‘’bloodthirsty vampire’’ and demanded that he be withdrawn from the delegation that was to take part in the talks.

Of course we're not talking to North Korea now anyway. Not that i'm trying to say that Kim Jong Il isn't a dictator (or a big bag of nuts), but isn't it strange that Saddam gets the works will this guys gets multilateral talks? I guess nations that actually have weapons of mass destruction, but not oil, are lower on our priority list generally. No need to focus on them until they actually launch something at someone, or have something we want.

Its also good to hear that Mr. Bolton isn't fond of the UN, or any good a being diplomatic. This will give the Bushies a good workout when they try to build support for their next war.


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