Wednesday, March 09, 2005


CNN.com - Bush renews call for Alaskan oil drilling as oil prices spike - Mar 9, 2005: "Advocates like the American Petroleum Institute, the oil industry's trade association, say the refuge sits atop enough oil to replace U.S. imports from Saudi Arabia for two decades."

Ya know... I really hate this crap. This is pointless, and speaks entirely to the man who repeatedly brings this up.

OIL is the source of most of the tensions in the Middle East since the invention of the combustion engine.

OIL is the source of most of the worlds pollution.

You would think that the last thing we need is more Oil. But this idea is coming from a man who would drill a hole in his wife's head if he thought he'd find an ounce of OIL in there.

I grew up in a sleepy forest town in upstate new york, and have a certain appreciation for wilderness. I live in the city now, but never feel at home until I'm back in the woods. Places like 'ANWR' shouldn't be ruined because of an economic problem. Seriously george. Take some money (1%) out of defense and get some one working on a clean rechargable fuel cell that can easily eliminate the need for oil. You guys spent $11 BILLION dollars on the Comanche attack helicopter, only to scrap the whole program.

$11 Billion dollars could go along way in terms of not only reducing the pollution that America (and the world) generates, but bring us out of conflict with the Middle East. Not that a neo-con would ever entertain an idea that would make the rich less richer.

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