Sunday, February 08, 2004

Watching the Prez on Meet the Press. He's delusional-or he's trying to keep the country in a state of deep denial. Let's all remember that there were no WMD's, the deficit is HUGE, and alot of us have no jobs. He also said, during Vietnam, he supported his government, but had a problem with the Vietnam War because he felt it was largely a political war!!! As Dennis Kucinich would say, HELLOOOOO?!In the absence of WMD and the revelations made by Paul O'Neil in Suskind's book show us that this war is, if anything, even more political!! He's been stuttering over issues he, as a world leader, should have a backbone on. He's blatantly lying about issues that anyone who reads a newspaper could refute. This is ridiculous. In other news, the Democrats are gaining a reputation as hard assed intelligent people since we're galvanizing behind the common goal of defeating Bush. Tim just asked G.W. is he's prepared to lose...There's one question he may want to reflect upon some more in the coming months. (I hope :)- )

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