Wednesday, February 04, 2004

As the election year rolls on you can expect to hear alot about this-

Green light for gay marriages in Mass.
State's high court says full rights must be granted

It's a divisive issue, or what they call a "wedge issue" in campaigns. What you need to remember though is not to let wedge issues distract you from things like this-

U.S. death toll in Iraq: one GI per day
Casualties rise in 2004 despite Saddam capture

and this...

The Debt No One Wants to Talk About

or this...

A bittersweet taste in wages
Take-home is shrinking, which is bad news for the economy as well as individuals.

or this...

Fallout From the Missing WMDs

Or any of the other myriad problems with the environment, the war, the deficit, the curtailing of civil rights, and the massive unemployment rate in this country. Gay marriage has about as much relevance in this campaign as Janet Jackson's boob has on , well, anything. Don't forget what's important.

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