Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Wow, Last night was exciting! Lieberman finally dropped out, and gave what, in my opinion, was the most dignified, and eloquent concession speech I've seen in a long time. He thanked his opponents for their dedication to our country, and vowed to continue to fight in the senate, to fully and vigorously support the eventual nominee, and to do whatever he could to help get the white house back for the Democrats. I tip my hat to you senator Lieberman. Class act at last. Edwards won South Carolina, so he's still in, for now at least. Clark is claiming victory in Oklahoma, but that won't be verified until next week, and he and Edwards are pretty much neck in neck there. The big story, once again, is John Kerry. Winning 5 out of the seven primary states that voted yesterday he continues to gain momentum and seems stronger with every passing primary day. I think the rally around his candidacy that's happened since Iowa has helped him put on quite a happy face, and gives him an air of leadership he'll need to out president George W. in November. Poor Howard Dean did miserably, and is pinning his hopes on Michigan , and Washington, so we'll see next week. And the primaries roll on.....

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