Saturday, January 31, 2004

There's a great Newsweek article explaining how the Bush camp can only hurt itself by attacking John Kerry's service record in Vietnam. I think the damage is already being done, in that it has forced the press to reexamine Bush's own spotty military record, which points out that he was AWOL during much of his service in the Texas National Guard.

"The charge against Bush is that he was AWOL for a year of his service in the National Guard. Once the pundits finished critiquing the impact on Clark of the presumed gaffe, the next logical question is to ask where Bush was during that year, how he got away with his absenteeism, and does it matter?"

The amazing thing to me is that this was never widely reported the first time Bush ran in 2000. Now, in the midst of a war and renewed national security concerns following 9/11, Bush is trying to run as the military candidate. Unfortunately for him, he may find himself doing it against a highly decorated veteran and war hero, while his record finally gets the scrutiny it deserves. Just goes to show the truth comes out eventually. Sometimes you just don't get to choose if that truth is convenient.

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