Thursday, January 29, 2004

I really really wish Joe Lieberman would drop out. Dennis Kucinich however needs to stay in as long as possible to keep Nader out. And he greatly contributes to the debate and keeps the party a bit to the left which we need I think-screw this centrist BS. Look what happened to Al Gore-that should've been a landslide but he sounded so much like Bush nobody cared. Now we have a tremendous opportunity-the voter turnouts in the early primaries were record breaking-people are voting again, and weather this renewed sense of civic duty and patriotism comes from Love of America or hatred for Bush, it's still a great great thing for people to once again realize they have a voice and a duty to our democracy. I give alot of the props to Dean on lighting that fire. Even if his campaign fizzles out, he definitely lit a candle under the ass of the party. For that alone this election year may be one for the history books. Meanwhile Moby endorsed Al Sharpton today on his website-and hearing him again now (Rev. Al I mean) I don't blame him. Al Sharpton is a great smart guy. I hope we can as a country get past the media's trying to make this a horse race or a spectacle, or tell us who can't win before a single vote is cast. Iowa proved they aren't psychic. We need to get back to voting for people because we believe in them and their ideas. Unfortunately our first priority must be getting Bush out of office before we as a people can effectively put our house in order. Lieberman's centrist nitpicking is counterproductive and downright damaging. He may as well go work for the Bush campaign right now. He already sounds like he does-sheeesh. I hope he loses what's left of his "joe-mentem" sooner than later.

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