Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I swear I'll weigh in on the primary and everything else tomorrow but I was watching tough crowd and I have to say something-The Patriot Act sux-it impedes civil liberties-but when asked whose civil rights it violates -for the love of God- don't say Jose Pedilla!!! Even if true he's the most non-sympathetic person I can imagine. And in defending his civil rights in a fight to protect your own you do nothing but reinforce the stereotyped bad press of the ACLU-which is a kick ass watchdog dammit-if you want an example of how the patriot act violates civil liberties bring up Tommy Chong for god's sake!!Or the Sex Toy Lady!!(I'll find links) -these are everyday doin' whatcha do Americans-NOT potential shoe bombers-Put a finger in the wind people-test the frickin climate!!!!! Liberal is one thing-but today is not the day to stick the daisy in the barrel of the gun.

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