Saturday, January 31, 2004

The revelations made by the Kay report this week, which found there were no weapons of mass destruction before the war raise several questions. The most important one, in my mind, is who knew what when, and were we lied to in the race to go to war? The way Kay spins it, in the face of all the evidence, is that the intelligence community is at fault, and owes the President an apology. Josh Marshall makes the very valid point of, how the hell would Dr. Kay know who messed up where? Since he's shown himself to be somewhat of an apologist for the president, where he thinks the errors lie is really only his opinion. So it is in that spirit un uninformed opinion giving that I offer my take-The President owes us and explanation and an apology. I want an independent investigation into all the pre war intelligence, but no matter who's to blame, the President took us to war on false information, and now over 500 Americans, and countless others, are dead. We deserve an apology-we deserve a commander in chief who has the balls to take responsibility for the mistakes of his tenure. And, above all, we deserve the truth.

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