Saturday, November 19, 2005

Personal Issues 

Hello there, all five of you.
I've been away for a piece, but have returned with a fire in the belly. I can't quit explain it, but i had a major revelation, and decided to act on an idea i had a while ago. I have gone and re-registered myself as an independant.

This coming as i have been watching our democratic friends in congress show signs of growing a spine, but even so, i find myself unable to forgive somethings that have happened on the left in the past 5 years.

Yeah, i got a serious talking to, and don't think i have gone and jumped out of the reality based community, but following a minor argument with a couple of my conservative friends, i came to certain realizations and felt compelled to act. Did i lose my argument? no. Did they agree to my point of view in the end? no. This is nothing new. But there I sat, staring bemusedly at these well meaning idiots, asking myself 'what the hell is wrong with them?'

Then my line of thinking expanded. They are what i am calling 'born against', having adopted views merely because they cannot stand 'tree-huggers', feminists, liberals and what have you. Talking to them about things that are screamingly obvious is pointless, because they have been spoon fed their opinions unqestioningly by the likes of the pig-boy and Faux News, never actually thinking about what they have been told, and then proceeding to walk around saying things like 'Hilary BAD! SMASH WITH ROCK!!!' or 'Even though the country is in debt, we should give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and then we'll give the oil companies loads of money and call it an energy policy.'

Yesterday's activity in on the floor of Congress, heartening though it may have been (just by virtue of the fact that he debate was had at all, not the tone), is too little too late i'm afraid. The GOP bares alot of guilt for the state of America at this time, our smashed economy, depleted infrastructure, our poor standing in the eyes of the world, but the democrats can bare the blame for letting these things happen. The dems let themselves be muzzled by 19 hijackers and the likes of Tom Delay, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. They bowed down in the face of idealogues just because these idiots were walking around ending their sentences with the term 9-11, which as i have said before is a near blaphemous thing to do, and serves the memory of the fallen poorly.

While i like the momentum that has been generated of late that looks to bring down these mentally challenged sots in power (i'm looking at you george), i cannot forgive or forget what has happened. Let it be known however, that my problem is not with the democrats as a whole, just with the greater political class that has arisen in Washington that is operating irrespective of the true will, or the best interests of the people of America, on both sides of the aisle. To follow a party line should be considered a mortal sin, to take money from the same lobbyists as your stated opposition should be considered a moral outrage. I have never blindly defended the democrats in all of their actions to begin with, but for me to remain registered with their party is only rewarding bad behavior on my part. The democrats should have leapt immediatly to Jack Murtha's defense, not sat on the fence until the GOP forced their hands. Again they fail for not trying until it was too late, giving only fodder for the sunday morning GOP talking points.

In parting, i give cheers to Mr. Murtha, Mr. Conyers, Ms. Boxer and Ms. Slaughter, and other dems with a measure of integrity. And continue to offer my disdain to bush, cheney, rove, delay, hastert, santorum and the myraid other monsters of the christo-fascist-zombie brigade. It is still my deepest wish to see these neo-cons up against the wall, and locked away for the remainder of their natural lives.

Remember, the war in Iraq did not begin with the 2003 invasion, or even when the twin towers fell, it began shortly after a metally deficient man was appointed to the office of the president of the United States of America by the supreme court, and let a black hearted dick hold a secret energy meeting.

Have a good weekend all.


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