Sunday, August 21, 2005

Interesting Times 

You know, I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and haven't commented on a lot of what has been happening in terms of developments concerning bush and his buddies. It sure has been a tough time for our fearless leader.

His best friend and flunky, Karl ‘turd-blossom’ Rove, has been in the news a lot lately, it seems he may have done something he swore he didn't do, engaging in the very treasonous action of outing a CIA agent in retaliation against someone who dared to point out that the administration wasn’t speaking the truth about pre-war assertions on WMDs in Iraq. The worst part, so far as bush is concerned, about this is that Karl wasn’t the only administration official involved in this treasonous affair. Now, here we wait, with one journalist in jail, several journalists contradicting testimony give by administration officials, and a really pissy bob 'douche bag of liberty' novak swearing on live TV and walking out of a studio in a huff. Another intersting piece of television would have to be the July 11th press briefing by Scott McClellen (there is video on the site too, which i highly recommend), in which the press woke up and actually did their job on a rare occasion.

The much lauded occupation of Iraq isn't proceeding as 'planned', what with the delay in their constitution and the notion of ‘last throes’ (1, 2) . Not that an Iraqi constitution matters much. I can hear the republicans on the hill whimpering; they want the troops to come home just like anyone else. They know that they will be going into the 2006 elections with a much higher body count than there is now, but they also know that regardless whether they pull the troops out now, a year from now, or in five years, the result will be the same; an Islamist state that, following a bloody civil war, will hate the west for generations. I mean, what else could possibly happen? I can’t say I ever saw a chance that Iraq would come out of an American occupation as anything close to a functioning democracy. After all, what does America really have to teach anyone about democracy with a ‘my way or the highway’ administration in office, and radical right wing pundits screeching about who has a greater right to the word ‘patriotism’?

Lastly, and most interestingly, we have Cindy Sheehan. A 49 year old mother of a dead marine, who with sudden a legion of followers, has our dear president trapped in what has to be one of the worst vacations of his life. I remember Cindy from past protests, what was her good line? ‘Drive a political stake through his black heart’? That she is, and slowly too. I have been surprised, and pleased, by the reaction of my more conservative friends around the office. People who have said such things as “KERRY BAD!” and “SMASH HILARY WITH ROCK!!!” for no real reason, all of a sudden are at a loss for words. How do you attack a bereaved mother whose son died in the war you so sheepishly supported? The pundits on TV and radio have been a bit affected by this as well. Marc Marron of Morning Sedition said it appears that they are eating themselves, and I tend to agree. Rush Limbaugh is making ‘creative’ statements about how Cindy is as false as a bunch of unauthenticated documents, then the following day claiming that he was taken out of context. Then he gets mad that people point it out. (I guess that’s really nothing new, but it’s nice to see him dance, he could use the exercise)

Cindy sure has them scared. Their cause for fear was enhanced by the monkey himself when he said he couldn’t talk to her, and had to get back to his life. I hope that statement follows him his whole life. You know, if he had spoken with her it might have gone a long way to helping him get back to his bike rides and naps. But he didn’t, and even though it’s not too late to save some face, he still won’t talk to her. He is going to hide in his ranch with his fingers in his ears until his 5 week vacation comes to an end, then he can get back to Washington for… well more bike rides and naps I suppose.

Another interesting this to note about the Sheehan situation, is the choice of reasons for her protest being portrayed in the media. If you watch Fox News, you hear how she ‘has though in with the most radical left-wing groups’ in calling for the return of the troops. But Cindy has another question, that of why are we really there? You will hear that mentioned sometimes on CNN, but almost never on Fox. Tonight on CNN, surprisingly enough, will be a look into some of the pre-war assertions made about WMD in Iraq. I don’t know quite the spin they will take on the subject, but this article posted as a prelude to the special might give us a hint. Even Friday evening, I heard them speak of things in CNN that I thought had been forbidden, dancing dangerously close to the notion that the war was based on false pretenses.

I’m hoping, again perhaps too optimistically, that we are heading for the great unraveling of this administration, and that the truth of Iraq will come out. The more people discuss the matter in light of what has been revealed over the last year, the easier it is for them to see that they were not told the truth when we entered the war. And by not telling the truth, I mean that they were LIED to, not that we were all victims of ‘faulty intelligence’. The truth is we went to war for reasons of personal revenge and acquisition of wealth. Bush, at the prompting of the cult of PNAC, used the deaths of 3000 Americans at the World Trade Center as an excuse to invade another country with the intention of securing oil to fill the coffers of oil companies and putting crap loads of money in the pockets of military contractors. Claims of terrorism, WMDS, liberation, democracy and freedom as reasons for the invasion are all bullshit, proven by leaks and hypocrisy of inaction toward countries that pose similar threats to American by the neo-con definition. I’ll even go so far as to take on a long term wager with any who like to bet that the invasion of Iraq, or at the very least the removal of Saddam Hussein was brought up more than once at dick cheney’s top secret energy meetings in the first months of the bush administration back before 9/11. This of course is a long term wager as the minutes of that meeting are not likely to be released during this administration, or even my lifetime.

Well, I guess those are my comments for the moment, gotta get moving. Check out the CNN ‘Dead Wrong’ special tonight, perhaps we’ll all be surprised. Perhaps bush will take another shot in the eye while he is trapped in his vacation hell. Remember tho, I don’t endorse CNN, I know they are corporate twits bowing to their sponsors (Boeing, Visa, Eli Lilley, Exxon and other major Bush beneficiaries), but I welcome the discourse in the MSM for those that can tear themselves away from re-runs of The Simpsons on a fine Sunday evening.

Have a good weeknd all!


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