Thursday, June 16, 2005

And here we are again... 

CNN.com - Democratic forum focuses on 'Downing Street memo' - June 16, 2005

Back on the front page of CNN, but for how long? As i have noted in previous posts, stories surrounding this memo have a habit of disapearing off the CNN.com site to be relegated to the archives, or left unlisted.

I knew the forum was coming, but thought that it would be one more thing i read about on the blogs and heard about on NPR and Air America.

Now i would normally leav it that it is a miracle once again that CNN would dare post a story that might make this administration look bad, but i find myself especially disgusted by the following passage:

White House press secretary Scott McClellan dismissed the memo on Thursday and indicated that no one in the White House plans to respond to the letter.

Well, fuck you Scotty. This letter was sign by 105 members on congress, and half a million American citizens. The white house OWES us some answers. Anyone who says otherwise must truly hate freedom and democracy. ;)


post post: Hey, it was just mentioned on the air! Pray childern, pray that this doesn't stop. I know, i know... its not a blowjob, but it'll do. it'll do.

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