Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Appeals Court Dismisses Cheney Suit 

I'm getting the feeling i'm missing something here... A American Vice President.... Has meetings with folks from the energy industry... Including an indicted CEO who left his employees without their retirement funds... With the purpose of creating an 'energy (+environmental) policy... a matter that has Nothing To Do With National Security.... And the citzens of Amerca don't have a right to know anything about who was there, and how they arrived at their conclusions...

during one of my lunch time 'conversations', i ran into one of my favorite, miss informed, Faux News watching conservatives, and he said the following:
"Why is that these liberals need to know who was there? its not really important. all this fuss over nothing."
To which my response:
"Why is it so important that it be kept a secret? If its not important, why keep people from knowing?"

Lovely moments of listening to him sputter incoherantly while his face turned red soon followed, this being the reason he is one of my favorite conservatives.

I hope they don't drop the issue here. They had best not, or we're not giving to the Sierra Club again.

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