Sunday, March 20, 2005

Terri Schiavo 

You know who I feel bad for? Terri Schiavo.

This has been in the news for a long time now, and it really is a tough case to decide.

Do you know whose resposiblity it is to decide on Terri Schiavo's fate?

Her family and her husband.

Do you know whose has no resposibility in this matter?

Me, Congress and mr. bush. Collectively, we have more on our plate to focus on that actually is our business. Its surprising to me that bush would TAKE TIME OUT OF HIS VACATION (GASP!) to address this issue, but couldn't get back to DC in August 2001 after having read a memo titled 'Osama Bin Laden Determined to Attack within the United States'. Isn't george bush always talking about less government involvement in people's lives? Maybe someone should tell him that Medicare is paying 80% percent of her medical costs, and if that program is cut per his recent buget request, neither the state nor her family could afford to keep her alive.

In my opinion (which means about as much to this matter as any elected official's really, but hey I have the blog so why not, right?) if the parents want to keep her alive, then they should be allowed. If Terri Schiavo had documented a request to die if left in a vegetative state, than it should be honored. Her husband may be acting out of love by making this request, and if not, if his requests are not founded in that nobility of love, than he should just walk away and leave Terri to her mom and dad. But I don't claim to know all sides of the story (probably because it isn't any of my business). I had hoped her family and her husband could work this out themselves, in a way that is acceptable to them alone. To me it doesn't seem that difficult, but I work with computers, so most things end up being 1 or 0, true or false, on or off. I hate grey areas. :p

That congress is actually working on a Sunday (that should raise suspicion in and of itself) to consider this matter is not necessary. When people start taking about passing a bill out of no where in a three day time span, I get a little nervous.

Let it be known that if I can't communicate or move on my own, if I show no signs of a higher consciousness, and haven't in a long time, that I hope my family and hepkitty would just let me go. That's just me, I would hate to place a strain on the one's I love if it looked like I would never get any better.

This is family business. Leave it at that.


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